Skilled for a greener future


EuroSkills Herning 2025
9-13 September

Denmark is hosting the official European Championship of Young Professionals in 2025. Up to 600 talented young skill athletes from all over Europe will compete for European Championship medals in 38 different skills.

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Skilled for a greener future

Skilled professionals are central to the successful implementation of green technologies. From technicians in renewable energy to experts in sustainable construction, trained professionals are key in the global environmental transformation.

Vocational educations offer unique ways that directly contribute to the green transition by equipping young people and adults with the necessary skills to meet new technological and environmental challenges. Moreover, vocational educations reflect a rich tradition of craftsmanship while constantly evolving to meet societal needs. Whether it involves traditional trades enriched by centuries of history or new professions brought about by technological innovation, vocational training prepares one for the future.

EuroSkills Herning 2025 is a fantastic opportunity to experience the essential connection between vocational educations and the green transition, and how vocational educations are indeed a lever for the green transition.

”Our vision is to reignite interest in vocational educations and clarify that as a skilled professional, you can become a frontrunner in terms of our growth, welfare, and the green transition.”

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen
Chairman of the Board, EuroSkills 2025
Former Prime Minister in Denmark

Denmark’s largest educational event in history

It will be Denmark’s largest educational event when EuroSkills Herning 2025 is held in September 2025. Up to 600 talented, young skill athletes from all over Europe will compete for European Championship medals in 38 different skills. Also, you will be able to experience a variety of demonstration skills and try out all the trades themselves in special Try-A-Skill areas.

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See you in Herning!

EuroSkills Herning 2025

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