Creative Arts and Fashion


A strong ability to understand and interpret fashion trends, as well as a deep understanding of different materials, are important skills when it comes to fashion manufacturing.

As a garment technologist, you will have the opportunity to work in manufacturing across a broad spectrum of the garment industry – from small one-off production to larger batches of mass production, from creating styles for mass production to unique, bespoke garments. No matter which path you choose, you will need a thorough understanding of manufacturing, where pattern construction and sewing skills are both essential. Focus is on production understanding, working with technical drawings and manufacturing as well as correct collection/style drawings.


If you like working with design, shape and colour, the floral designer program might be for you. As a floral designer, you also need to be outgoing and service minded as in addition to learning a craft and using your creative skills, you will usually have a lot of customer contact. You can find jobs in flower shops, but also in the hospitality industry, event agencies or wholesalers.

Graphic design technology

As a media graphic designer, you work with design and production of content to various media platforms. You will learn about design, communication and dissemination, but also gain important skills in customer contact, gap analysis, project management and collaboration, image editing, typography and print production.

As a media graphic designer, you can work for advertising and communication agencies, newspapers, magazines, large private or public companies or become self-employed

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