Information and Communication Technology

IT Network systems administration

Working with IT Network Systems Administration you can work in both small and large organizations, in the public and private sectors and master a wide range of IT services that are essential to the daily operations of companies and institutions. In addition to performing user support tasks, troubleshooting, design, installation, upgrading and configuration of operating systems and network devices, as an IT supporter you provide advice and guidance on the development of systems and services. You work professionally and engage in dialogue with users to meet their needs and ensure continuity of systems and organizational operations.

As an IT supporter in a mobile job market, you can work alone or in teams – and even if you’re part of a team, you can easily work on your own. Regardless of how you work, it’s crucial that you keep up with the rapid developments in the field.

IT software solutions for business

The demand for skilled data technicians who can use and develop IT systems is growing rapidly in virtually all industries.

The program gives you hands-on experience in solving challenges with IT systems such as networks and servers. You will learn how IT systems work and how to develop and program computer programs, database systems and apps in collaboration with others. In addition to all the specific technical skills, it’s an advantage if you are interested in and follow the development of new technology.

You can get a job as a software developer, application consultant or as a project manager or IT consultant.

Web development

As a web developer, you play a key role in helping organizations communicate their product, purpose, etc. through websites. The work involves planning, designing, testing and maintaining websites, integrating social media platforms, etc. and therefore requires a variety of skills across many disciplines, including strong design and communication skills, knowledge of target groups, markets and (consumer) trends.

You can get jobs in web agencies, private companies, organizations or choose a career as a freelancer.

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